Air Cadets


Eric has been involved with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program for over 11 years now, beginning as a new recruit in January of 2001 as a member of 724 Midland Lions Squadron. After moving to Kingston in summer 2004, he transferred to 58 A/C A Dwight Ross Squadron in Kingston, where he rounded off his cadet career upon turn 19 in December of 2007. Eric retired at the highest rank attainable as a cadet, Warrant Officer First Class (WO1). Since finishing his term as a cadet, he has returned to the program as a volunteer, assisting in the training of a new generation of Cadets. He currently works as a member of the staff at 999 Loyalist Thunderbird Squadron in Amherstview, ON. In addition to working locally with a unit, Eric has spent many of his summers working at Summer Training Centers for Cadets, primarily in Trenton, ON. Eric hopes to make this a life time commitment by enrolling as a member of the Canadian Forces, in the sub component known as the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC).


Student Government


Eric did not start high school, nor university with an interest in student politics, so some would say he is a late bloomer, but when the interest struck, it came out with guns a blazin'. Eric's first foray into student government was running for the position of Vice President External of the Computing Students Association (COMPSA) midway through his second year. Although he was unsuccessful at this attempt, it only made his thirst for it even stronger. In the next election he ran for the same position and was elected, filling his first position as one of the executive. After working for a year as a member of the executive, he wanted more, and the only logical move was upward, so he began his quest for Presidency. Eric was elected to COMPSA Presidency and began one of the more challenging tasks he has completed to date. All of this exposure to student politics has taken its toll on Eric to say the least, but anyone who knows him can confirm that it also made him so much happier over the year. During his MSc Eric wanted to pursue more involvement, and filled the role the Vice President of Operations of the Graduate Computing Society (GCS) during his degree. In addition to this, Eric spent the 2011-2012 academic year as the Council Speaker for the Society of Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS).


Hobbies and Interests


Eric is a very community oriented person. He enjoys just about anything as long as he is doing it with friends or other people. Some of his more favoured activities include television and films. Eric is an avid comedy fan, both on TV and on the big screen. He often enjoys going with friends to see one of the latest films, making it a night out for all involved. In addition to his love of television and film, Eric enjoys socializing over a good game of cards, billiards, or around the TV playing Rock Band. Eric enjoys playing basketball, which is one of his favourite sports. Eric has a recreational interest in aviation, which may someday inspire him to pursue his private pilot's licence.


Vision History


Early on in his life, Eric experienced a complication with his eye causing a scar to form on his cornea, which interfered with his vision. Since the age of eight, Eric has been considered legally blind in one eye. In May of 2010, Eric underwent a corneal transplant in hopes of regaining eyesight in his right eye. The process was successful, but eventually Eric ran into compliations and the donor conrea was rejected. He underwent a second transplant in November of 2010, and is currently in the recovery process with things looking good.


Academic History


Grad School


Eric completed his Master of Science degree at Queen's University in 2012, specializing in model-based testing. Eric was supervised by Dr. Juergen Dingel.




Eric completed his undergrad degree at Queen's University within the School of Computing. Eric was a member of the Software Design program, one of the School's flagship programs, and certainly the software heavy one of them all. Eric actively participated in school life, and was a member of various committees through his involvement within student council. Eric took every opportunity to make his undergrad experience as best as possible. Eric still has many friends enrolled in this program, and ensures them that they have made an excellent choice. Eric takes pride in his program, and is never afraid to share his experiences with others.


Secondary School


Eric attended two different secondary schools throughout his high school career. He attended Penetanguishene Secondary School for grades 9 and 10, (2002-2004). At PSS, Eric was involved in producing the school's yearbook, but beyond that focused heavily on his studies. After moving to Kingston in the summer of 2004, Eric continued his studies at Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute where he completed his Diploma in June of 2006. Eric graduated as one of the top students in his class, and an Ontario Scholar. Eric always enjoyed school and this showed through his dedication to learning.